Testimonials from former satisfied students (unedited).
Testimonials from former satisfied students (unedited).

Kevin is a great and passionate tutor with lots of experience in IELTS tutoring. He finds the weak points of the students within the first session and focuses on those in order to achieve a higher score in IELTS. I had 5 sessions with Kevin to obtain a 7 in my writing in order to be able to apply for my Permanent Residency. I acknowledge that Kevin has been a life changing tutor for me. I really appreciate his help and I strongly recommend him to everyone who needs help to increase their mark in IELTS. I signed up for an IELTS test after my tutorials with Kevin and I received the marks I needed. I got 8.5 in Reading, 7 in Writing, 7.5 in speaking and Listening. Thank you so much Kevin for helping me out.


I was aiming at achieving 8 in each band but I had some problems with my writing. Before I came for Kevin, I got 7.5 once and the most recent one was 7. After reading some IELTS samples, I figured there might be some issues with my cohesion and coherence but I don`t really know how to solve them.

Kevin pointed out my problem in our first lesson and we had a couple of lessons regarding essay structure and brainstorming, it was really helpful! I was quite confident in the next test and I followed what we discussed in our lessons, eventually I got 8 in writing.

Many thanks Kevin!

Steven (China)

Hi everyone, my name is Tiffany, sharing my IELTS experience here.

I graduated last year in end of July 2012.My next plan is to stay here permanently in AU just like any other international student. The only struggle I faced was IELTS to meet migration criteria. I needed a score of 7 in all modules. I thought it wouldn’t be hard after all the education I had in English! However, in the first attempt around early Aug (self preparation), I was so disappointed scoring 5.5 in writing! I started panicking as my visa was expiring soon, thinking I should apply for TR first to be on the safe side for my stay in Au.

When I found out that almost all IELTS tests were pretty much fully book! I was really worried that I couldn’t even score a band 6 in each component for TR. My only concern was writing in particular, I did not have a clue where I was going wrong, until I met Kevin .

Before I had my first lesson with Kevin, he emailed me a topic to write and to take it with me for him to mark. He then exactly pointed out the mistakes that I was making and suggested strategies to correct them. Kevin provides classes according to your requirements. If you think you require more training in any of the components; let him know! He is quite flexible with his classes!

Writing materials, worksheets, Cambridge books, etc were all provided! I also did a mock writing test in the Class just to mould me into the habit of writing under exam condition. Then on my sec attempt I score 6.5 in writing. That was only 2 weeks of preparation!!!So I immediately apply for TR to be on the safe side! That was a drastic improvement! I was very satisfy with the classes so I continue, then I went for another test to try for 7. I got 7.5 in the last attempt! Everything paid off!

So, for those of you reading through these testimonials do not hesitate to give Kevin a call! He is more than happy to help you! You can express yourself freely with your own level of English, he is very patient and has a very multicultural mind! All the best to those taking IELTS!


My two last IELTS attempt both produced a result in 6.5 in writing. I needed a band score of 7 for all criteria due to the new migration law in Australia. I had two weeks to prepare before my next test that’s when i contacted Kevin. Based on his evaluation he suggested we spend 10 – 15 hours for the remaining time i had left. We went through all the question types that may appear in the exam and devised/prepared essay structure suitable for each type of question. Through out the two weeks Kevin would constantly provide me with question to practice writing at home. He would then provide feedback on my answers the next day. I learnt many important tips from Kevin such as how to plan for an essay, how many ideas would be needed for a particular paragraph and structuring of paragraphs. I manage to get a 7.5 for my writing and an overall band score of 8. Thanks to Kevin’s help. I strongly recommend Kevin as his methods work and he knows what the examiners are looking for in the test.

Shen (Malaysia)

I would like to express my gratitude to Kevin who helped me to success in writing and speaking tasks in my IELTS exam. I have achieved my required scores (all bands 7 or above in academic module) throughout 10 two-hour tutorials with Kevin. I had taken the exam again for two times, however I couldn’t make it because my writing and speaking tasks were 6 and 6.5 or vice versa. I decided to find a private tutor and I contacted Kevin. Following the instructions of Kevin, I have made huge improvements in my writing after tutorials, particularly how to write a good essay in terms of cohesion and coherent. I scored 7.5 for my writing tasks. We have also gone through 2 sessions of speaking practice, and I got 7 for my speaking. Overall, I achieved 7.5 on average with all bands from 7 above for the IELTS academic module exam.

Nguyen Nguyen (Vietnam)

My name is Elena. I had to pass IELTS test for immigrational purposes and needed 6 band score. I passed Academic test before, but it was five years ago and I couldn’t remember a thing. I still remembered that proper preparation was essential to succeed. I thought to practice at home, but had almost no time at all being preoccupied with my kids. I had no English practice and no chance to communicate to English speaking people over the last couple years. When the test was due in four weeks time only I felt thet I would fail if I don’t get any help.

When I called Kevin I told him that I have a very short time and need to get basic tips to cover the main things. Unfortunately I had only one free night per week for private tuition. After we did some writing it turned out to be very weak and unstructured, Kevin suggested we had to focus on it. We had only three 3 hour classes and did mostly writing and some reading on the last day.

Kevin used different materials from software and books and gave me quite a bit of homework. I found him very patient, knowlegable and pleasant to communicate with. He pointed out the main tips and I think it was very helpful.

I scored 8 overall: 9 for listening, 6,5 – reading, 8 – writing and 8,5 for speaking. I wish I had more time for reading practice . It turned out to be a lot more complicated than I expected. Kevin’s classes were extermely helpful and if it wasn’t for him I am sure I wouldn’t have scored so well especially in writing. Many thanks to him!

My partner is going to resit the test soon and I think that classes with Kevin would really benefit him. I wish he got some private tuition previously.

Good luck with the test to everyone!


Hi my name is Mitzi I’ve been doing my IELTS since 2010, but unfortunately i always get failed in Writing category even though I have been enrolling to a group tutorial classes, but still not working for me. I decided to enrol for a one on one tutorial and i have found this site which is Kevin’s’ one on one tutorial and so I just give it a go to see if this would work for me.Guess what i passed the IELTS and I am so happy when i saw my exam results. I cant believe that i have learned alot of things in writing through Kevin’s help and strategy that he thought me about.

I was so thankful and very glad that I enrolled to Kevin’s tutorial because without this knowledge that I have learned from my teacher Kevin I don’t think I will pass the exam and its worth it, because Kevin is kinda strict and very professional in teaching. Since then I have additional knowledge and applied my learning when it comes to writing.

I am so lucky to found this site and no regrets to the decision that I have made to try a one on one tutorial with Kevin. Thank you very much to teacher Kevin. WRITING SCORE:from 5.5 I got 7 band.

Mitzi (Phillipines)

I needed to undertake IELTS test for immigration purposes. I decided that I need an English tutor’s help because I didn’t know how to start my preparation and which aspects of IELTS exam I should concentrate on. I find Kevin in the internet and choose him because he looked very experienced for me and because he was available over weekends. We had five lessons. At the very beginning of the tuition Kevin helped me to figure out all my weaknesses and all the following lessons we concentrated on improving these moments. Just after a couple of the lessons I felt that I’m not so afraid of writing essay anymore and after the whole tuition I felt myself quite confident and sit the test without worrying much. I’ve got overall band score 8.0 which is much more than I expected. I would recommend Kevin’s lessons to anyone who wants to maximize their IELTS score.

Denis (Russia)

I needed to achieve the IELTS result of 7 in all modules for immigration purpose, after 2 disappointed test results I decided to seek help from a private tutor. I had only 2 weeks before my next test when I contacted Kevin, based on my past results he recommended 2 to 3 lessons per week. Despite the time constraint, we managed to arrange time for finding out my weaknesses, practice tests and suggestion on how to improve. Especially in writing, Kevin gave me many useful tips on essay structuring and how to come up with relevant ideas, which is the most important skill in IELTS writing module.

I sat the test with confident and finally get the satisfied result of 7.5 for overall band score. Thanks to Kevin’s help!!

I found that in IETLS test, technique is as important as English skill itself. I would recommend Kevin because he is experienced and patient, you will also be able to maximise your score with many helpful tips from him.

Jolene (Laos)

Hi. I am a university graduate like most of you. For skilled migration purpose I needed to get IELTS 7 in each band.I sat for the test and I was quite confident that I would get the desired scores. The test result was so bad (especially in writing) that I was ashamed to tell to my friends and could not believe myself. I found the test here in Australia was tougher than the test conducted in non-English speaking country.

I luckly found Kevin’s contact details in website and made an arrangement for classes.The first sentence that Kevin told me in the very first class that “Writing an essay is an art, does not matter how good you are in English but how well you plan and answer the question does matter and understanding the question itself can already give you half of the band score you expect to get”.After 4 hours of planning and brainstorming I got a clear picture of at least 4 different types of essays ususally asked in IELTS tests and the best way to answer them.Finally I got the desired band score. Of course, my focus was in writing but Kevin gave ideas on reading and other modules as well. Thank you Kevin…

I know how stressed the students are to get the good scores but something I would like to assure you all that you are close to band score 7.0, you just need 4/5 lessons from Kevin. Good luck!!!

Prem (Nepal)

It is not easy to cream IELTS, and IELTS is not all about English skills or how skilled and fluent you are in English. Anyone can sit in the IELTS examination, but only a few will achieve outstanding results. What makes it more sad is you could be one of them who may not score satisfactory results. If you think you can pass IELTS by purchasing IELTS books, and mastering them alone, you need to think twice. There is more than meets the eye.

I had that thought a few months ago, numerous IELTS materials and practice tests that I had studied in my convenient time, and felt confident about. I undertook IELTS tests 3 times and the results were very disappointing, one of the worst moments in your life that would have broken you into pieces. Having 3 “close-to” results is still a fail. There are only 2 outcomes, passed or failed. I was so disappointed and could not believe it myself, why why and why.

I found Kevin’s contact no through the internet, since I merely wanted to concentrate more on reading and most importantly, writing. He is one of the best private tutors I have ever had since high school. He is very patient, smart and comes from a strong English literature background. He taught me so much about writing and reading techniques that I would have never learnt them myself from reading the IELTS practice books. Not only have I improved my IELTS skills gradually after a couple of lessons, his teachings have also completed my missing puzzle in achieving my IELTS goal.

Kevin!! You have been crowned for being the greatest IELTS private tutor, you are a champion Kevin!! A legend!!!

For those of you who wish to seek IELTS information and improve your IELTS skills, as well as the techniques, do not hesitate to give Kevin a call. He will be more than happy to assist and help you achieve your dream scores, within a short period of time too.

Hadi (Indonesia)

Kevin helped me with my preparation for IELTS. I expected to improve my results from bandscore 5.5 to 6.5. During our lessons I passed numerous IELTS test examples and practice exercises, espesially in my problematic units – writing and speaking. Kevin always makes very useful hints and gives advises, concerning not only English grammar in general, but also the format of discourse appropriate for IELTS requirements. It is very valuable, because most of such things you’ll not find in books and of course no book could be adapted individually… Having lessons with Kevin for only 3 weeks I improved my skills distnctly! If in the beginning I had only 5-5.5 in listening and reading, now I stably have 6.5. Also my writing and speaking changed positively and it is not only Kevin’s opinion, but even my friends are wondering how fast I improved my English! Thanks, Kevin! Nadia Sergeevich

Nadia (Russia)?

Recently I gave my IELTS after scoring poorly in my first attempt. I had no problems with reading, listening and speaking but had fell short of the required 7 in the writing section. After my first attempt I did research for a personal teacher so that I can improve my writing. I ended up meeting meeting Kevin who analysed my sample essay and suggested me to attend 4 classes(2 hours sessions) to improve my writing before I can take the next ELTS test. I worked with Kevin for the next few weeks implementing his suggestions on writing and practiced few essays and letters in the class which we reviewed together, this helped me to improve and understand my mistakes.

I am thankful to Kevin for my improved IELTS scores and would definitely redo these classes if needed.

Pradeep (India)